Do you want to show yourself off by impressing senior devs with your CSS skills?

Then you’re in the right place.

No matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, I’ve been on the lookout to find the best CSS online course in 2023.

Free and paid. In fact, lots of senior devs swear by these courses.

As always, I’ve used online communities like Reddit and Quora to find trustful answers.

So, buckle up, get yourself some coffee, and get ready to learn CSS in a surprisingly easy way with Reddit’s top CSS course.

The Magical Power of CSS

CSS also called Cascading Style Sheets is the language that makes websites beautiful. Without CSS my website would look like this:

my website without css

Pretty unattractive, right?

That’s why you need CSS. CSS makes your site eye-catching. From fonts and colors to the overall layout, CSS takes care of the visual details. And one is for sure, the better your website looks, the longer people stick around.

CSS also helps you to create a responsive design. This means your site looks good on a laptop, a tablet, or a phone. You want everyone to have a good time, no matter the device they’re using.

In fact, good CSS can also make your website more accessible. Think about people with disabilities using screen readers. A well-structured CSS can help them navigate your site more easily.

What CSS Tutorial Does Reddit Recommend?

I’ve browsed through different posts, and there’s this one course that keeps popping up everywhere on Reddit.

I mean, just take a look yourself:

reddit recommendation for CSS course 2023 reddit recommendation for CSS course 2023 reddit recommendation for CSS course 2023 reddit recommendation for CSS course 2023

And these are from four different Reddit communities.

I’ve even found this course on this post, where Reddit users were talking about simple design tips.

reddit recommendation for CSS course 2023

This magical CSS course is called Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and More. This course is available on Udemy, and as soon as you check out the course page, you’ll see that the reviews align perfectly with Reddit’s opinion.

Currently, there are over 138,822 students enrolled and the rating is 4.8. The course was last updated in June 2023 and it contains 28 hours of on-demand video.

css udemy stats for course by Jonas schmedtmann

Amazing stats.

Just check out the last five reviews, especially this one.

review on udemy for css course

What Are The Downsides?

I didn’t come across many drawbacks, but one thing to note is that Jonas speaks a bit slowly. Don’t worry, though—you can easily adjust the video speed. For some of you, the slower pace might actually be just right.

This course is also based on projects which is incredibly important to really learn CSS.

Throughout the course, you’ll create popups, explore floating elements, and receive a comprehensive introduction to CSS Grid. Plus, you’ll complete a web design project that ties everything together.

  • Reddit’s absolute favorite.
  • Will take your CSS skills to the next level.
  • It’s project-based.
  • Complex CSS made very easy.
  • Frequent updates for free.

Advanced CSS and Sass Course Details

🥇 Best forLearning CSS for Beginners
👨‍🎨 Product typesCSS, SASS, online course, Flexbox, Grid
💰 Pricing$100
✅ DiscountsSometimes up to 75% Off

The Best CSS Course?

As of September 2023, the best CSS course according to Reddit is the ’Advanced CSS and Sass’ by Jonas Schmedtmann. It’s also being recommended by various other online communities. You can find this course on Udemy, a highly reputable online learning platform.

Best Free CSS Course: Flexbox & CSS Grid

Flexbox and CSS Grid are on of the most important CSS features to learn. If you know Flexbox and/or CSS Grid, you basically know how to create a complete layout.

In fact, both of these are so essential that most modern web designs use them. So if you’re diving into CSS, you’ll definitely want to get comfy with Flexbox and CSS Grid.

There is a well-regarded online tutor in the web development community called Wes Bos. Wes teaches the whole range of web development (JavaScript, ReactJS, CSS, Command Line Tools) and he created two CSS courses that are completely free. One is called “CSS Grid”, and the other one is called the “Flexbox Course”.

Reddit users are usually huge fans of Wes and his courses. I like to take courses from Wes because of his engaging teaching style.

wes bos flexbox course recommended by a reddit user

The best thing is these courses are project-based, so you’ll build some real-life CSS examples. A complete responsive website, just with CSS Grid. Now that is an extremely powerful way to learn.

an example of what wes is building in his css grid course

This is a test website you’ll build, just by using CSS grid. Although this is a great free CSS course, I do recommend taking the CSS course from Jonas first.

Let’s Summarize:

  • It’s a free course.
  • Up-to-date in 2023.
  • Projects are included.
  • Wes is a funny guy.

CSS - The Complete Guide for 2023

This course was mentioned in this reddit post. This user was actually comparing this course to the one from Jonas. Here’s the most upvoted answer:

reddit comment about the complete guide for 2023

So, as it seems this course is more suitable for absolute beginners.

But let’s take a look at it.

CSS - The complete Guide for 2023 was made by Maximilian Schwarzmüller. It has almost 48K students enrolled and the rating is 4.7. The latest review is 2 months old and it looks like this:

latest udemy review the complete guide for 2023

The reviews before don’t look different. So this CSS course has a pretty good rating.

It contains 22.5 hours of video.

What are the downsides?

Over 90% of the ratings are positive, so overall this is a solid course.

Some Udemy users were saying that the course is a bit too long but I think this might be a good thing for someone who’s just starting with CSS.

CSS Animations

css animations

If you’re like me and you love to create small and subtle animations for your website you should check out CSS Animations.

You can even do that before actually starting a CSS course.

It’s a free project and you immediately start creating small CSS animations.

The concept is very easy, first you start with a very easy animation and step by step you’ll learn why something rotates and what keyframes actually do.

So for those of you who still might be not 100% sure, this is a good resource.

How Long Does It Take To Learn CSS?

There’s no fixed timeline for mastering CSS, just like there is no fixed timeline for learning web development in general. It always depends. Some people might grasp it in a few months, while for others it could take a year. Your progress largely depends on the amount of time you’re willing to invest in learning and hands-on practice.

This is why top-notch online CSS courses are essential; they not only keep you motivated but also offer a structured learning path. Plus, they provide up-to-date industry knowledge from one single source.

how long to learn css answerd by a reddit user

And keep in mind, the field of web development and CSS is ever-changing, so there’s always something new to discover.

What’s The Quickest Way To Learn CSS?

The quickest route to learning CSS is through active, hands-on experience. Dive into the CSS courses I’ve mentioned in this article, and code in real-time with the instructor. Don’t just sit and watch—get involved! You can either watch the videos first and then try coding, or code along as you watch. Try both methods and see what’s working best for you.

In my opinion, the most effective learning often comes from a combination of both methods.

That’s It, Folks!

This is also the last tip for my CSS courses in 2023. Usually I list more courses from udemy, However the course from Jonas Schmedtman and Wes Bos free courses are currently the way to learn CSS.

I will add more in the future. For now let me know, if there is anything else I’ve missed or if you have any questions.

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