If you’re in the market for a colorful gaming chair and curious about Reddit’s recommendations, I have some insights to share with you.

I discovered my gaming chair through Reddit and my only regret is not purchasing it sooner.

It’s often underestimated how crucial a comfortable gaming chair can be.

However, Reddit’s opinion may be different from what you’re expecting.

Best Gaming Chair Reddit - The Winners

Here are the winners upfront, as of summer 2023.

Chair Best for? Buy here
Secretlab Titan Evo Best Gaming Chair Reddit
Aeron Chair by Herman Miller Best Premium Office Chair Reddit
Steelcase Leap Chair Alternative Office Chair Reddit

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Reddit's gaming chairs recommendations 2023
Reddit's gaming chairs recommendations 2023

The Most Comfortable Gaming Chair according to Reddit

Just take a look at the upvotes. The Secretlab Titan Evo is actually the only gaming chair that is being recommended by Reddit.

Reddit's gaming chairs recommendations 2023

Why do I say it’s the only one?

Because for all the other gaming chairs, Reddit’s recommendation is to get a good office chair instead. That’s why in our list, you’ll find the Titan Evo and besides that, two other office chairs instead of gaming chairs.

Reddit's gaming chairs recommendations 2023

This user is recommending the “Herman Miller Aeron” or the “Steelcase Leap” and again, look at the upvotes. And it’s easy to stumble across these names when your search Reddit for the best gaming chair.

Reddit's gaming chairs recommendations 2023

So, according to Reddit, the best gaming chair is the Secretlab Titan Evo. Other than that, Reddit’s recommendation is clearly to go with an office chair, like Herman Miller or Steelcase.

But let me tell you more about why Reddit doesn’t recommend gaming chairs.

The Problem with Gaming Chairs

According to Reddit, gaming chairs are more of a marketing move. They come with flashy designs, cool branding and they probably make you feel like a pro gamer, but let’s be honest. Are you really getting the best bang for your buck here?

When you take a look at the price tag on a gaming chair, these are clearly luxury items. But does this high price guarantee high quality? As you might expexted, the answer is no. Not always.

If you take a look at those gaming chairs and see these neck and lumbar pillows, you might think that they’ll give you the support you need. But after a few hours of gaming, you’ll realize that these pillows aren’t as comfortable as you’d hoped. They may be too firm or not positioned correctly for your body type.

Reddit's gaming chairs recommendations 2023

And let’s not forget about the possibility to adjust your gaming chair. When you’re spending hours gaming, you want your gaming chair to maintain your personal configuration. However, lots of gaming chairs have a low-quality adjustment mechanism that doesn’t hold up.

Maintaining correct sitting posture is essential for gamers to prevent long-term back problems. With gaming chairs, usually you’ll rather pay extra for the optics. However, these optics aren’t the most ergonomic option for your back.

I say usually, because there are some exceptions. As I’ve shown you, the Titan Evo is highly considered to be the top-notch gaming chair on the market.

Office Chairs Instead Of Gaming Chairs

Unlike most gaming chairs, office chairs offer you significantly more value - although without the flashy look.

Reddit's gaming chairs recommendations 2023

These chairs are designed with your comfort in mind. They’re made for long sitting sessions and let’s be hondest here, you chair doesn’t care if you’re gaming or if you’re working homeoffice. Office chairs are meant for long-term use. They’re robust and designed to fit lots of body types and postures.

Gaming chairs, or “race car chairs”, usually have a rather hard and straight seat and back, which isn’t exactly considered the healthiest option when it comes to sitting. A lot of times gaming chairs have an extra lumbar cushion for the backrest, but it can’t be fixed and likes to simply slip away from the desired position.

Lots of gamers report that it’s uncomfortable to sit cross-legged or with a bent leg on a gaming chair.

And this is the overall opinion you’ll find everywhere on Reddit. And I wasn’t looking in some sort of r/office subreddit. I’ve found answers like these in the r/buildapc or the r/gaming subreddit.

But let’s check out the one gaming chair that was actually being recommended by Reddit. After that you’ll find out more about the most popular office chair brands.


Now let’s take a look at the only gaming chair that stands out from the crowd. The Secretlab Titan Evo. Where other gaming chairs fail to deliver, the Titan Evo shines with great quality and comfort. You’ve got lots of color options to choose from and it offers various options for customization.

best gaming chair reddit

It’s easy to assemble and it comes with a robust packaging. Just as the chair itself. In terms of pricing, the Secret Lab Titan cost between $600 and $900.

You can choose between many different color options, including classic black, grey but also something more vibrant like frost blue or mint green.

The Adjustment options have convinced a lot of gamers. In addition to classic adjustment options such as rotating the armrests, you can also adjust the back indentation in height and depth. It also comes with a magnetic memory foam headrest.

This feature is sometimes missing with other gaming chair brands. Gamers also praise Secretlabs service. On Reddit, you can read lots of recommendations that the service has been impeccable. Even long after buying.

I’ve also checked Secretlab chairs on Amazon and the reviews completely confirm Reddit’s recommendation. Gamers love the superior quality and the fact that they notice the difference after every long gaming session.

Office Chairs

In case you would like to follow Reddit’s first recommendation and get an office chair instead of a gaming chair, here’s what redditors say about the best office chair brands.(2)

best office chair reddit is herman miller
best office chair reddit

I would summarize these three brands as Reddit’s overall reommendations for office chairs, and as a perfect alternative for gaming chairs.

Herman Miller

Herman Miller is a name that you’ll come across a lot when searching for high-quality office chairs. Reddit recommends Herman Miller chairs instead of gaming chairs. But they are not cheap.

There is an own subreddit for Herman Miller. That comes as a real advantage because you’ll get your questions answered very quickly.

And if I search for someone asking if Herman Miller is worth it, you’ll get answers like this:

herman miller opinion on reddit

As you can see it’s not only the quality but also the customer support that makes redditors get a Herman Miller chair.

Even if the price is high, you’ll probably going to use your chair for a long period of time, which makes it a good investment.

As you may have already seen, another office chair brand that has been frequently mentioned on Reddit is Steelcase. Let’s check that out next.


They have a great variety of chairs and currently there are some good offers on Amazon as well.

If you check the reviews, users report that Steelcase chairs are indeed expensive but well worth it. Gaming chairs are considered life products. Which means you’ll probably buy them for a long time. Therefore it’s worth it to spend more.

Staples Hyken

Staples Hyken is another office chair which gets mentioned very frequently on Reddit. It’s more of a budget option. The chair is available for approximately $300 and the good thing is that you can test it in your local Staples shop.

Check out Staples for discounts and more information.

That’s it for the best gaming chair brands. Now, let’s explore some questions about gaming chairs.

Why is There Such a High Demand for Gaming Chairs?

Health awareness has risen and anyone who spends most of the day in front of a computer screen must pay attention to a healthy sitting position.

A good office chair does exactly that, it prevents unhealthy movement patterns.

Many people have already experienced first-hand that sitting the whole day is not good for your body. If you do that, you can experience back pain, shoulder and neck tension or headaches.

That’s exactly why it’s important to have the right office chair with individually adjusted settings. Not only will you experience less pain, but you’ll also be able to work more productively and won’t be constantly trying to find a comfortable position.

Note: To compensate for sitting in the office for long periods of time, you should also try to incorporate as much movement as possible into your daily routine.

What’s Important when Buying a Gaming Chair?

A good chair should adapt to the movements of your back. Dynamic sitting should not be neglected. Alternating between different sitting positions should be easy. This leads to long-term relief of the spine and the intervertebral discs.

The pelvis should also be supported by the backrest through an “iliac crest support”. An iliac crest support is a firm, lateral curvature on the chair, which should be positioned approximately 7 or 9 inches above the seat. This way the lumbar spine is held without constricting it excessively.

A good gaming chair should also be equipped with an individually adjustable lumbar support or a lumbar bulge in the backrest. The adjustment should be achieved both via the height adjustment of the backrest, as well as via an adjustment integrated into the backrest. If possible, your gaming chair should be equipped with a movable seat.

Here are some more things to consider when buying a gaming chair:


Now that you know which gaming chair is the best, it’s up to you to decide. Will you get an office chair or a real gaming chair? I got myself the Dark Knight version of the Secretlab chair and I don’t regret anything.

I wished I would have found it earlier.

As a gamer, it’s a completely life-changing gaming experience.

FAQ Gaming Chairs

What is the Difference Between a Gaming Chair and an Office Chair?

According to Reddit, the difference is marketing. Office chairs are built ergonomically, so you feel comfortable after long periods of sitting. Gaming Chairs are more appearance-based with marketing selling-points.

How much should a Gaming Chair Cost, According to Reddit?

Good gaming chairs are available between $300 and $1000, depending on your budget. But if you’re sitting a lot, it’s worth to invest in an more expensive office or gaming chair.

1: r/buildapc Reddit Post about Gaming Chairs

2: r/buildapc Reddit Post about Gaming Chairs Number Two

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