Javascript can make a HUGE impact on your website.

But if you’re new to Javascript you’re probably thinking, what’s the best way to learn Javascript in 2021?

A lot of times I read that people learn it, just to discover that they can’t build anything afterwards.

Exactly the same thing has happened to me. So let me tell you what I did and let’s find the best way to FINALLY learn Javascript.

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What’s the best way to learn JavaScript?

One thing is certain:

The Internet is the developer’s university.

Maybe other areas still need a faculty to learn and be a professional in their field, but the programming sector can be learned and practiced 100% on the Internet.

When I discovered all the online courses and resources my brain exploded. The advantages were huge. Not only was I able to learn whenever I wanted but I could also redo all the lessons and I could listen to them whenever I liked.

But how to find the right courses in 2021?


Ask the web dev community.

How to find the best JavaScript online course?

To find stuff like this, I love to use

Reddit isn’t always the best solution to find information, but in this case it’s pretty useful.

And to not solely rely on Reddit, I’ve also checked all the important Quora answers.

But let’s start with Reddit.

What JavaScript courses does Reddit recommend?

Well, if you check out Reddit, this is a pretty frequently asked question.

best javascript course reddit questions

I’ve checked the most important ones and here are the courses I’ve found.

Colt Steeles Course on Udemy

The first course I’ve found on this Reddit post was The Web Developer Bootcamp by Colt Steele.

I’ve checked the rankings and currently, there are OVER half a million students enrolled in this course.

You can see how much people love this course in the comments.

a review from colt steeles javascript course on udemy

What people love:

Anything bad at all?

So most users rate this course 5 stars. There were a few users who complain that some parts were not updated enough, however as of now, the course was updated in March 2021. So that’s pretty good.

updated date march 2021 of the javascript course

The last review was still complaining about outdated technology like Bootstrap 3 or Javascript ES 5, but it was also saying that Colt is a great teacher.

From what I see the fact that it was updated in March 2021 is a clear sign that Colt does read the reviews and he’s trying to keep the course up to date.

Web Developer Bootcamp Overview

⏱ Length 👨‍💻 Students ⭐️ Rating
63 hours Over 650 K 4.7
🆕 Updated 🚀 Reddit Score 💵 Price
March 21 5.0 $ 179

Wes Bos - Beginner JavaScript

When you search the internet to find anything “learning JavaScript” related, you will most likely come across the name Wes Bos.

That is simply because Wes is a pretty well known guy when it comes to creating JavaScript courses. These courses are well respected throughout the web dev community and some are even free.

That is why you’ll find a lot of comments like these on Reddit.

reviews on reddit about wes bos course 1
reviews on reddit about wes bos course 2
reviews on reddit about wes bos course 3

These Reddit users are referring to the JavaScript30 and the Beginner JavaScript courses from Wes.

30 days of JavaScript

This course is free and here Wes is building 30 JavaScript projects in 30 days.

Remember as I said some people take courses but they can’t build anything from it? Well, not anymore.

If you’re like me, I’m sure you came across a pretty awesome page when suddenly elements slide in from the left as you scroll? You are simply amazed and want the same for your page? Even better, without a third-party library?

Yeah, I knew it.

In this course you learn how to do EXACTLY that. With simple JavaScript. But to be honest I wouldn’t recommend this course to absolute beginners.

Reason is simple.

Beginner JavaScript

Wes has created a course, especially for beginners

wes bos javascript beginner course thumbnail

With Beginner JavaScript you’ll learn the basics + some real-life examples. After this course you should have even more fun doing the JavaScript30 challenge.

This is my personal favorite simply because I enjoy the way Wes teaches. It’s a fun course and it doesn’t get boring.

I actually use this course as my go-to resource when I want to refresh or lookup some JavaScript basics. Once you buy it, you can always watch the videos. Even on your phone.

Mead’s JavaScript course

On this reddit post, people were recommending The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp by Andrew Mead. With over 35 thousand students enrolled and a 4.7 rating, this course is also a great tip for a 2021 JavaScript course from reddit.

What people love about this course:

What people don’t like about this course?

TBH I had to scroll through a lot of reviews to find anything bad at all. There was one user who said, some projects were to easy but I didn’t find this opinion anywhere else.

In total, the reviews can’t be better. A total recommendation. Here is the latest review, which as of now (January 2021) is a few weeks old.

last review of means javascript bootcamp

The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp Overview

⏱ Length 👨‍💻 Students ⭐️ Rating
29.5 hours Over 40 K 4.7
🆕 Updated 🚀 Reddit Score 💵 Price
November 20 4.0 $ 179

So Reddit’s next tip wasn’t an actual course but a website. covers the complete JavaScript topic in-depth. You’ll start by learning the fundamentals and then you’ll learn all the JavaScript basics. Arrays, Objects, Variables.

The best thing?

This page is free.

So for those of you who don’t like video courses or who would to like read before paying, this page is a must.

Every example is shown with the associated code and at the end of every article, you will find small tasks which should help you to test your Javascript skills.

That’s not everything.

Also in the end, you’ll find some comments. So if there are any questions left, simply ask the community. helpful comments

Understanding the weird parts

The next course has a pretty appropriate name.

As you might already know, learning Javascript can be weird sometimes.

Not Javascript itself but the learning process.

That’s why I think this is a pretty well chosen title for a JavaScript course.

JavaScript - Understanding the weird parts.

This course is made by Anthony Alicea, it was last updated in September 2020 and there are almost 150.000 students enrolled.

The rating is 4.7 stars.

One big reason why people like this course is because it makes some hard Javascript stuff very easy to understand.

Other advantages users report:

No complaining?

Some users report that the instructor is talking to slow. However that shouldn’t be a big problem since you can simply increase the playback speed.

Here is the latest review. Again, as of now (January 2020) this review is just a few weeks old.

latest review understand the weird part javascript

What about Quora?

We’ve talked a lot about Reddit but what do other online communities recommend in terms of the best JavaScript course out there?

For instance, Quora.

Funnily enough, when you search Quora for the best Javascript course you will find our latest course as well.

Understanding the weird parts. So this is something both, reddit and quora are recommending.

Start with JavaScript projects

For those of you who don’t want to learn the distinction between a method and a function first or who are looking for a more practical way, you should check out JavaScript Web Projects: 20 Projects to Build Your Portfolio by Jacinto Wong and Andrei Neagoie.

Jacinto & Andrei are starting straight up with projects. You’ll not get bored with this course, I can promise you that.

My favorite project with this course is the “Random Quote Generator”.

The reason is simple, you will learn how to fetch data from somewhere else and how to add it to your page. This is why I love JavaScript. You can add data from somewhere else and create a pretty dynamic page.

But to do this, you will need a good teacher and that’s why this course is so great.

Here are some current stats

The lastest review sums up what I think about the course:

latest review for the javascript project course

Watch and Code

Something else I’ve realized while browsing is that the name “watch and code” comes up pretty often.

It’s a free and paid JavaScript course by Gordon Zhu.

screenshot of watch and code

People are recommending this course quite a lot. Some even said that there is no better course for beginners.

One field which stands out, in particular, was the debugging section. Users report that you’ll learn pretty well how the debugger works, so that you’ll be able to handle errors on your own after you’ve taken the course.

Here is a screenshot from Reddit:

watch and code testimonial on reddit

Gordon himself says that the reason he did this course was that there weren’t any courses out there which teaches practical JavaScript. Well, I think there is some truth to this statement. You need to build real-life things with Javascript.

I think all the courses Reddit is recommending are pretty good but surely, there are a lot of courses where you will find a lack of practical JavaScript.

What I like about this course is that Gordon offers a free version. Simply sign up and try it out. If you don’t like you won’t lose anything. If you like it, check out his premium version.

JavaScript Books

What about books?

Well, there is one book in particular that I can recommend 100%. It is called “A Smarter Way To Learn JavaScript”.

Why is this book so special?

You’re pretty much forced to learn Javascript, but no worries, not in a bad way. The book starts with a short introduction on every topic, immediately followed by an interactive exercise.

You do these interactive exercises online, so this way you’ll get your hands dirty very early on. But, this way you will also learn a lot very early on.

The tasks are actually quite well tailored for beginners. You start with JavaScript basics followed by some real-life examples like how to change a CSS class with a click.

So you’ll never get the feeling that you just learn the theoretical stuff.

100% recommendation and it’s not just me. Here is the latest review on Amazon and don’t worry they all look like this.

javascript 5 star book review on amazon

JavaScript Course 2021 - FAQ

Javascript is such a powerful language.

You can build so many projects with it.

Building functions, creating debouncer functions, or using API’s to get current data from the internet, Javascript does it all.

What’s the difference between paid and free Javascript courses?

The main difference is that you get a complete package with a paid course. From basics to projects. With a free course you have to find projects for yourself.

Do I have to use a paid course?

No, there is tons of free material out there which should be enough to learn Javascript. However, if you want to speed up things, a paid course is a good alternative.

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