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Javascript is such a powerful language.

You can built so many projects with it.

Building functions, creating debouncer functions or using API’s to get current data from the internet, Javascript does it all.

But if you’re new to Javascript you’re probably thinking, what’s the best way to learn Javascript in 2020?

A lot of times I read that people learn it, just to discover that they can’t build anything afterwards.

Exactly the same thing has happend to me. So let me tell you what I did and let’s find the best way to learn Javascript.

What’s the best way to learn JavaScript?

One thing is certain:

The Internet is the developer’s university.

Maybe other areas still need a faculty to learn and be a professional in their field, but the programming sector can be learned and practiced 100% on the Internet.

When I discovered all the online courses and resources my brain exploded. The advantages were huge, not only was I able to learn whenever I wanted (sometimes until 2 A.M.) but I could also re do all the lessons and I could listen to them whenever I liked.

This is really huge. But how to find the right courses in 2020?


Ask the web dev community.

How to find the best JavaScript course?

To find stuff like this, I love to use

Reddit isn’t always the best solution to find information, but in this case it is pretty useful.

What JavaScript courses does reddit recommend?

Well, if you look for reddit posts, you will find this question a lot. I’ve checked the most important ones and here are the courses I’ve found:

Colt Steeles Course on Udemy

The first course I’ve found on this reddit post was Colt Steele’s Web Developer Bootcamp.

I checked the rankings and currently, there are over half a million students enrolled in this course.

You can see how much people love this course in the comments.

a review from colt steeles javascript course on udemy

What people love:

Anything bad at all?

So most users rate this course 5 stars. There were a few users who complain that some parts were not updated enough, however as of now, the course was updates in July 2020.

updated date of the javascript course

The last review was still complaining about outdated technology like Bootstrap 3 or Javascript ES 5, but it was also saying that Colt is a good teacher.

From what I see the fact that it was updated in July 2020 is a clear sign that Colt does read the reviews and he’s trying to keep the course up to date.

Mead’s JavaScript course

On this reddit post, people were recommending Mead’s JavaScript course on Udemy. With over 35 thousand students enrolled and a 4.7 rating, this course is a also a great tip for a 2020 JavaScript course from reddit.

What people love about this course:

What people don’t like about this course?

TBH I had to scroll through a lot of reviews to find anything bad at all. There was one user who said, some projects were to easy but I didn’t find this opinion anywhere else.

In total, the reviews can not be better. A total recommendation.

So reddit’s last tip wasn’t an actual course but a website. covers the complete JavaScript topic in-depth. You’ll start by learning the fundamentals and then you’ll learn all the JavaScript basics. Arrays, Objects, Variable.

The best thing?

This page is free.

So for those of you who don’t like video courses or who would like read before paying, this page is a must.

Every example is shown with the associated code and at the end of every article, you will find small Tasks which should help you to test your skills.

That’s not everything.

Also in the end, you’ll find some comments so if there are any questions left, simply ask the community. helpful comments

Understanding the weird parts

As you might already know, learning Javascript can be weird sometimes.

Not Javascript itself but the learning process.

That’s why I think this is a pretty well chosen title for a Javascript course.

This course is made by Anthony Alicea, it was last Updated in July 2020 and there are almost 150.000 students enrolled.

The rating is 4.7 stars.

One big reason why people like this course is because it makes some hard Javascript stuff very easy to understand.

Other advantages users report:

No complaining?

Some users report that the instructor is talking to slow. However that shouldn’t be a big problem since you can simply increase the playback speed.

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