Are you planning to get a x570 gaming motherboard and you would like to know Reddit’s opinion on which is the best one?

That doesn’t come as a surprise. The x570 motherboard is a beast.

I’ve searched through different subreddits and the answers were obvious.

So, let me show you the x570 motherboard recommendation, according to Reddit and according to the most-recent posts.

Best Motherboard Reddit (x570)

I’ve checked subreddits like r/AMD or r/buildapc and many more. Most of the times I’ve found answers like these:

reddit best gaming prebuilt

The overall consensus is that there is no huge performance difference. But I was still able to find recommendations on specific brands.

reddit best gaming prebuilt
reddit best gaming prebuilt

So, according to Reddit, the best x570 motherboard is either the ASUS TUF, the Tomahawk or Mortar. However, it’s important to note that between these brands, there is no real difference in performance. It’s just personal preference.

The best thing you can do, is to simply check out current x570 motherboard deals on Amazon.

For example, the ASUS ROG Strix X570 is being sold for a good price on Amazon. If you take a look at the reviews, you’ll quickly see that they are very much aligned with Reddit’s opinion.

reddit best gaming prebuilt

Here’s one of the latest reviews:

reddit best gaming prebuilt

Buying a Motherboard - What’s Important?

In case you’d like to know what specifically to watch out for when buying a motherboard, here are some valuable tips.

A good motherboard should have some important features:


This is the most important thing.

It should be compatible with the other components of your system, such as the processor and RAM modules. This is really important, otherwise, your system will not work.

It should also have a sturdy and robust construction to protect the components from damage. Another aspect you should think about is expandability. It should have enough slots and ports for future upgrades and expansion. Depending on how much RAM you need, you should check the support before buying.


A good motherboard, like the x570, should be able to maximize the performance of your components by supporting the latest technologies and standards. At the same time, you shouldn’t neglect cooling.

For instance, the x570 has effective cooling to avoid overheating and damage to components. The x570, according to Reddit, also allows easy installation and configuration, and it has a user-friendly BIOS interface. BIOS allows the user to interact with all the components of your system.

Warranty and Support

Your motherboard should be from a reputable manufacturer and have a good warranty and support coverage to get assistance in case of any problems. What you can do to check that, is to check out different subreddits, and see what redditors are reporting.

If you plan to overclock your components, then the motherboard should support this feature and offer enough overclocking options, just like the x570. You can also use the r/buildapc subreddit, to get more information on that.

Networking capability

An integrated Ethernet port is a must for online gaming and other networking activities, and an integrated Wi-Fi module is also a good option for wireless gaming. Then you should check the audio quality of your motherboard.

If you are building a gaming PC, it’s important to have decent audio quality. It will enhance the gaming experience, just like a good gaming monitor. A good motherboard should have an integrated sound card with good audio quality.

The motherboard should have enough PCIe lanes to provide adequate bandwidth for your graphics card, sound card, and other expansion cards. Another aspect if to check BIOS updates. The motherboard should be able to receive BIOS updates to fix compatibility issues, and security vulnerabilities, and improve performance.

Your motherboard should have a reasonable price-performance ratio that fits your budget while providing the features and performance you want. That’s why, according to Reddit, the x570 is such a good deal.


Overall, choosing the right motherboard is an important decision when putting together a gaming PC. It’s important that you consider your requirements and choose a motherboard that meets your needs and most importantly, that it fits with the other components of your system.

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