A highly-secured password manager will keep all your data in a safe place. It’s an extremely important tool that everyone should use.

However, with so many options available, it’s hard to find the best one.

But what if I told you that there is one password manager that is being recommended everywhere on Reddit.

Let me show you.

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A lot of redditors say that there is no such thing as the best password manager and it depends on your personal needs. While that is certainly true, I’ve found lots of upvoted answers for NordPass.

Look for yourself.

best password manager reddit 1

You might already have heard of Nord, since it’s the same company that provides NordVPN. That’s why the number one on our list, as of early 2023, is NordPass.

Password Manager Best for? Price from
1. NordPass Best Password Manager Reddit $4.99
2. BitWarden Best Free Password Manager $0

Best Free Password Manager acc. Reddit

If you’re looking for a free password manager, BitWarden might be the provider you’re searching for. I’ve found a lot of recommendations on Reddit.

best password manager reddit 2
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However, lots of redditors have switched from BitWarden to NordPass. One reason is that BitWarden stores your keys in the cloud and a lot of users don’t want that.

BitWarden password manager according to Reddit

But still, BitWarden is popular.

The reason for it’s popularity is that BitWarden comes with a lot of advantages. It’s the perfect starting point for someone who wants to take online security more seriously. So, let’s check out what BitWarden has to offer.

Advantages BitWarden

BitWarden Business Plan

The good thing about BitWarden is that you can upgrade in case you need more functionality. BitWarden offers three different security packages.

The basic personal account, which you’ve just read about, is free. In case you want to share your data with your colleagues, you can get the business plan for $3 per team member and per month. That’s pretty fair.

However, there is also the premium personal account. For $10 per year, you’ll get pretty awesome premium features. You’ll be able to share files with family & friends, generate 2FA keys directly from the vault, or get a hardware security token like Yubikey. Here’s a redditor talking about BitWardens premium features and if they are worth it.

Reddit post about BitWardens premium features

And also, let’s not forget, by getting the premium account you’ll support the developers. They do an awesome job by making BitWarden accessible for everyone for free. Actually a lot of users choose the premium account only for that reason.

Like most password managers, BitWarden offers a browser extension, a desktop app and a phone app.

If you choose BitWarden, don’t forget to enable 2-step verification and your master password. You should write it down somewhere safe. This is extremely important, because without your master password, you won’t be able to access Bitwarden. That’s also the reason why BitWarden is so safe, because without the master password, not even Bitwarden itself could access any of your data.

Alternatives to BitWarden

If there is something about BitWarden that you don’t like, two other names that are being mentioned a lot are 1Password and KeePass. Let’s check out 1Password first.


1Password password manager according to Reddit

From what I see 1Password is more popular than KeePass, but the functionality is very similar. Your passwords are safe and they offer additional features such as 128-bit security, backups and synchs. Although 1Passwords user interface is much cleaner.

1password Reddit opinion

1password is not free, even for a personal plan, it’s $2,99 per month. However, some redditors really like the cool user interface and some additional features like the watchtower function. What this feature does is to “watch out” (hence the name) if your password was part of a breach somewhere on the internet. If so, you’ll get notified and this way you’re able to change it up quickly and prevent further damage.

Also 1passwords family plan is very popular on Reddit as you can see here:

Reddit BitWarden vs 1Password

1Password offers a free trial. So that is something you should consider if you’re not entirely sure about which password manager to use.


KeePass is another free password manager. It doesn’t offer premium features like the other password managers, but it was still a popular pick on Reddit. KeePass has a rather simple user interface.

KeePass user interface

There were some Redditors that had problems with the KeePass browser extension but other than that, users still love it. One Redditor mentioned that he was able to secure all his passwords with a key file instead of using a master password, that is why he preferred KeePass. So, the best password manager really depends on what you want.

If you don’t want to store your passwords in a cloud, KeePass is the way to go. But I should mention that it’s absolutely safe to use a master password with your password manager.

No matter which of these password managers you’re going to use, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. Overall all these password managers were recommended a lot on Reddit.

How I use Reddit

It’s not the first time I’ve used Reddit to find a reliable service provider or product. I’ve already used this technique to find the best laptop for 2023 and just recently to find a new WordPress hoster.

This time again, trying to find some sort of pattern, I’ve checked tons of subreddits. I didn’t even know that there is a subreddit, especially for passwords, called r/passwords. But that’s not the only one I’ve checked.

I’ve also been to r/Lifehacks, r/PrivacyTools and some other subreddits.

Why Should you use a Password Manager

The more you sign-up for services on the internet, the more unique passwords you should usually use. The greatest risk factor is to use the same password over and over again or to store all your passwords in a simple text app.

The solution is simple. Use a highly-secured password manager. A good password manager will create safe passwords, it will manage them throughout different devices, and it will keep all your data in a safe place.

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