Are you frustrated with endless searches for the perfect Python online course? With so many options available that’s no surprise.

That’s why I’m excited to show you the game-changing Python online course that I’ve found by browsing through Reddit. Constantly being upvoted to one of the best Python online courses.

I’ve completed it and I think you’ll be amazed how much you actually can learn from this course.

Get ready to embrace the new world of Python!

Why Python?

I know you want to know the name of this course but first, let me quickly tell you why Python has gotten so popular in recent years.

I’ve found some interesting comments in the Python sub-reddit. This is a real-life experience from a redditor after learning Python.

why python is so popular reddit

If you’re considering diving into programming, you’re not alone. And as you can see Python is the perfect starting point. It’s an easy to learn language, suitable for a wide range of applications. Python has a supportive community with libraries, frameworks and other coders willing to help you learn.

But there is even a better selling point.

Python and AI

One field that is currently on the rise is AI. I mean we are all amazed by it, right? What ChatGPT is doing and how it’s changing the internet landscape is incredible. And this is just the beginning. This really feels like the future.

And what a surprise, Python is the go-to programing language if you want to get deeper into AI. So, considering the wide range of applications and all the things Python is used for, it’s harder to not learn it than to learn it.

reddit best python course

The Best Python Online Course According to Reddit

However, to begin your journey with Python and to effectively learn it, you should take a good online course to ensure a solid foundation. I turned to Reddit to check what kind of Python course redditors were recommending the most. There were several posts about that topic, and let me tell you, I’ve found a clear winner.

reddit best python course

And here’s another post. Just take a look at the upvotes.

reddit best python course

The best Python course, according to Reddit, is the “100 days of code” online course by Angela Yu. It’s a Python online course available through Udemy, with 800.000 students enrolled. It’s definitely one of the best online resources to start learning Python.

This course is the ideal starting point for beginners, offering you the chance to learn the ins and outs of Python, one of the most versatile and widely-used programming languages.

Let’s take a look at the stats.

100 Days of Code

Course Name 100 Days of Code
Course Description This course is designed to help you build a strong coding foundation through 100 days of hands-on programming challenges. Each day includes a new coding challenge that builds on the previous day’s material, helping you to reinforce what you’ve learned and develop your Python skills over time.
Course Instructor Dr. Angela Yu
Course Length 54 hours of video content
Course Rating 4.7 out of 5 stars
Number of Students Over 800,000 students enrolled
Price $129.99 (but frequently on sale)

Advantages and Disadvantages

Many students have praised the course for its practical approach to learning. Angelas Python course focuses on building real-world projects.

The best thing?

It reinforces key concepts through daily coding challenges. This is extremely important when learning a programming language.

Another advantage is that it’s not only valuable for beginners, but it will also teach you more advanced projects like data visualization.

You might be wondering, what are the downsides of this course?

Since this is a 54-hour course, the pace of the course can be challenging at times. Especially for beginners who need more time to understand some topics. But you don’t have to worry about that since you can take it slow and always redo lessons. If you ever feel like refreshing your knowledge, just head over to Udemy and click play.

You can learn at your own pace, fitting the lessons around your schedule.

Like many different other students, you may find the daily coding challenges to be an effective way to stay motivated.

How to stay informed on Python?

If you start your Python journey, you’ll probably also be looking for some communities where you can ask questions and get answers. Because let’s be honest. Along the way, you’ll have questions. And it’s easier to solve them by engaging with fellow learners and experienced developers.

Let me show you some important sub-Reddits you should join along your journey.

Subreddit Description
r/Python General news, discussions, and resources related to Python programming.
r/learnpython A supportive environment for Python beginners and learners to ask questions and seek help.
r/PythonProjects2 A community for sharing Python projects, ideas, and collaboration opportunities.
r/django News, resources, and discussions related to Django, a widely-used Python web framework.
r/flask Resources, news, and discussions about Flask, a popular Python micro web framework.
r/pygame A subreddit for Pygame, a set of Python modules for writing video games, sharing projects, and discussing game development topics.
r/pystats A community for discussing statistics, data analysis, and machine learning using Python and related libraries.
r/PythonCoding A subreddit focused on discussing coding techniques, best practices, and sharing resources for Python learners.

Python Books

In case you would like to enhance your Python resource section, some of the most popular Python books are called “Automate the Boring Stuff with Python” by Al Sweigart or “Python Crash Course” by Eric Matthes.

reddit best python books to the course

And here’s a comment about the other books “Automate the Boring Stuff with Python”. A redditor was asking if it’s the right choice for him.

reddit best python books to the course

Which brings us to another Python online course on Udemy, since this book is also available as a video course. Some of the course stats here are even more impressive than Angelas 100 days of code.

And don’t worry, they are not only for advanced Pyrthon developers. These are perfect resources for various skill levels. They offer great practical examples and really good exercises.

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