Imagine if you’re really good at SEO, you can practically rank any page for any given keyword.

But can you really learn something like that?

Here’s the good news: Yes, you can. And you can actually only learn SEO by doing it yourself. There is no SEO Academy except online.

The bad news is: It can take some time to rank, but that strongly depends on your skillset.

So let me show you how to acquire that skillset and let me present to you some incredibly easy to follow SEO courses for 2021.

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SEO Course 2021 - Moz Beginners Guide

Depending on how new you’re to the world of SEO, you might have heard about Moz. Moz is a company offering SEO tools and writing SEO related articles on their Blog.

However, even more important is their guide for beginners. This guide is being recommended on almost every post about starting to learn SEO.

mOZ beginners guide 2021

For example, right here on Reddit.

reddit moz beginners guide

What’s so special about it?

Well, first it’s free, and second, it’s not too long but it still explains all the SEO basics in a surprisingly simple way.

Perfectly fitted to find out, if SEO really is something you want to pursuit.

Because here is the thing. SEO can be split into a few chunks. Depending on what you want to do, there are different things to learn.

SEO - A quick overview

Let me tell you in short 1-2 sentences what SEO is all about.

On-Page SEO

This is all about your website. The images, the text, and the technical stuff like HTML tags, code, or the speed of your website.

Off-Page SEO

This is all about what others think about your website. Especially something called Backlinks. A Backlink is a link pointing from page A to B. If page B is awesome, page A becomes a little more awesome.

Local SEO

This is for all the locals out there. Want to rank with your mom and pop shop? Well, there are different things to considers than when trying to rank a best-of list.

Now that you know a few basics, let’s check out the next real course.

Free SEO Course 2021

Here is another secret about learning SEO.

You’ll learn the most by actually ranking a real-life page.

And this is where our friend Chase Reiner comes in.

chase reiner seo 2021

Chase is a YouTuber with over 40K subscribers. Today he’s doing a lot of generic marketing videos. But back then, he actually did some real-life SEO examples live on YouTube.

He was simply working on a website and doing live SEO. There is no better way to learn.

These two videos are especially interesting.

He’s still doing great stuff even today, but these were a goldmine.

My Tip: Watch these videos and try to rank your website with these tips.

As many of you might already know I love to use Udemy. I even wrote an in-depth article about udemy and if it is worth it.

But does Udemy also offers great SEO courses?

Well, I didn’t do any SEO courses on Udemy myself but when I’ve checked Reddit, this is an answer that came up.

reddit seo course 2021

So as it seems this course is pretty good when you want to dig a little deeper. But let’s check what other people think about this course?

udemy seo course 2021

With over 23K Students enrolled and a 4.0 rating, this course really seems like a good choice.

You’ll get 5-hour video-on-demand and overall people really like this course. The only thing you should know is that it was last updated in January 2020.

SEO course 2021- How to stay up-to-date

The thing with SEO is that it actually changes very frequently. Things that were important a few years ago can be totally outdated.

Have you ever come across a page where you’ve read a text which sounded a bit weird. Something like this:

The reason is back then, this was the way to do SEO. If you don’t keep your SEO knowledge up-to-date, you will probably still keep doing these outdated practices.

Don’t worry. I won’t list up to hundreds of SEO resources. I will basically list only three.

One is pretty special.

Moz Whiteboard Friday

Since you already know MOZ, you might want to check out their Blog. Every Friday there is a special series called “Whiteboard Friday” and there is a new SEO topic which they cover.

So this a resource you should bookmark if you serious about SEO.

Search Engine RoundUp

Since there is a lot of stuff going on in the SEO world, it can sometimes become a hassle to read through every forum and every subreddit.

That is why I love to use Search Engine Roundtable. Every time you want to check if there are any NEWS or if an SEO update was the reason your rankings explode, you should check out this page.

The special one

The special resource isn’t actually a website but a podcast. SEO 101 is the podcast that you should listen to if you want to become really good at optimizing websites for search engines.

The best thing?

There is even a Facebook group where you can ask questions and people will help you. And they are even friendly which isn’t always the case in the SEO community.

That’s it for the best SEO courses in 2021.

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