Udemy’s online courses have gained so much popularity. One reason is their exceptional quality. There is so much you can easily learn from home.

And did you know that certain Udemy courses are being highly praised everywhere on Reddit?

In this list, you’ll find the best Udemy courses according to Reddit.

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Whether you’re interested in coding, digital marketing, or design, you’re about to explore the best learning opportunities Udemy has to offer. We all know Udemy is worth it.

Best Udemy Courses Reddit

According to Reddit, these are the best Udemy courses you can take in 2024.

As you can see you can find many different categories in here. Now let’s go into detail and let me show you why I picked these particular courses.

The Web Developer Bootcamp

Here’s one really helpful Reddit post I’ve found, for anyone who’s looking to get into programming.

best Udemy courses Reddit

As you can see, there’s this web development course mentioned as first. It’s called “The Web Developer Bootcamp 2023” and the course instructor is called Colt Steele.

web development course reddit

And that wasn’t the only Reddit post where I’ve seen this course mentioned. This is one of the highest-rated Udemy courses on Reddit.

reddits favourite web development course

Lots of redditors started their web development journey with this course.

It covers everything you need to know and all the topics are well structured throughout the course. You’ll start learning the basics like HTML, CSS and JavaScript and then also more advanced features like databases and working with servers.

table of content for the best udemy course on reddit called the web developer bootcamp

The course was last updated in February 2023, so all the content is up-to-date.

It’s particularly useful for beginners as it provides hands-on exercises and practical projects.

The Instructor

Another reason why people love this course so much is the instructor. Colt Steele provides clear explanations and he’s really engaging.

reddits favourite web development course

In addition, you can join the community of this course. You can share your ideas or ask questions on the course forum. That’s a huge advantage when using Udemy and every course offers this kind of feature.

Plus, you get lifetime access to the course. You can refresh your knowledge whenever you need.

And the best thing?

It get’s frequently updated and if you purchase this course, the update is free for you.

Here is the latest review from Udemy:

latest review Udemy course

How was my learning Experience?

What I’ve enjoyed a lot is that Colt touches a lot of aspects about web development. You’ll create your first app and trust me after that, you’ll feel like a real-life coder.

With this course I was able to get an overview of every topic. Then I could decide where to focus my learning on, depending on what I like the most. For instance, I immediately knew that I want to get more into JavaScript.

And that’s also what are next course is about.

Modern JavaScript From The Beginning

brad traversy reddit

“Modern JavaScript” is a great way to start your JavaScript journey. The course instructor is called Brad Traversy and he’s one of the most talented instructors on Udemy.

brad traversy reddit

Brad is super well-known in the web development community. He’s also super popular.

brad traversy reddit

Brad is a full-stack developer who’s not only offering JavaScript courses but also HTML, React and many different others, like the “Freelance Mastery” course for developers and designers.

brad traversy reddit source

As you can see, this is how valuable his courses are.

“Modern JavaScript” is perfect for beginners who want to learn JavaScript from scratch. After seeing the reviews on Reddit, I was curious about the latest reviews on Udemy.

brad traversy reddit

As you can see everyone agrees.

The course is designed to be hands-on, again with many practical examples and exercises. With almost 22-hours it’s a lengthy course but it’s easy to complete, because of Brads teaching style.

brad traversy reddit

You’ll start with the basics of the JavaScript language and work your way up to more advanced concepts, such as working with APIs and building web applications. With APIs you can fetch data from different pages and display that data on your website. Trust me, working with APIs is a lot of fun.

And don’t be afraid of not understanding it.

The real-world examples that Brad uses throughout the course are really valuable. This makes it easy to follow the course from the beginning to the end.

The Verdict

If JavaScript is something that is interesting to you, go for this course. Everything just works in here. The instructor, the course material and the community.

Advanced CSS and Sass

best udemy courses for css according to reddit

This CSS course by Jonas Schmedtmann is widely regarded as one of the best Udemy courses for learning advanced CSS and Sass. It’s highly recommended by many Reddit users.

best udemy courses for css according to reddit

Jonas is a popular instructor on Udemy and his courses are well-known in the web development community.

best udemy courses for css according to reddit

His CSS course covers everything you need to know. It’s an almost 30-hour course, packed with flexbox, animations and responsive design.

On Udemy he has received a 4.7 rating, after almost 190.000 students have joined his CSS course.

best udemy courses for css according to reddit

In addition, the course includes many hands-on exercises and projects, so you can practice what you’re learning and build up your skills. The course forum is also an active community of learners, so you can share your ideas and get help from other students.

Here’s the latest review on Udemy.

best udemy courses for css according to reddit

So, if you want to learn CSS more thoroughly, this Udemy course is perfect.

Other Topics

Apart from these courses, you’ll find hundreds of other online courses on Udemy. Personally, I love to take online courses for my work but I also enjoy taking them just for fun. The next course on my to-do list is a chess master course. I always wanted to become better at chess.

If you’d also like to learn something new, head over to Udemy and enjoy your new learning experience.

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