These days, more and more people are choosing online courses to learn web development.


Because it’s super convenient and flexible.

You can learn from anywhere, anytime, which is great for busy folks.

These web development courses are full of different ways to learn, like videos and interactive exercises, and they’re usually cheaper than traditional classes.

Plus, they’re always up-to-date with the latest tech stuff. Whether you’re just starting or looking to get better at web development, these courses are a fantastic way to learn, meet others in the field, and even help you get ahead in your career.

Next, I’m going to show you the best web development courses available right now. These courses are top-notch, easy to follow, and will really help you boost your web development skills.

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Best Web Development Courses 2024

The Web Developer Bootcamp

The “Web Developer Bootcamp” on Udemy, often highlighted as the best web development course, boasts some impressive stats that make it stand out.

As of the last update, it has attracted over 893,596 students and received 267,809 reviews, maintaining an excellent average rating of 4.7 out of 5.

This course’s high enrollment and great rating really show how popular and effective it is for learning web development. It’s a full package, always kept up-to-date, making it a great choice for you if you’re keen to get into web development.

This web developemnt course on Udemy is a comprehensive and engaging program for learning web development. It teaches a lot, from HTML5 and CSS3 to JavaScript, React, Node, and MongoDB. It’s made for beginners, but it also has advanced stuff. Plus, it stays current with industry trends and gives you real experience by letting you build projects.

Who’s Your Instructor?

best web development course instructor

Colt Steele, an experienced instructor and developer, leads the course, ensuring that students receive a blend of theoretical and practical knowledge. His courses typically cover a wide range of topics, from basic HTML and CSS to more advanced subjects like JavaScript, Node.js, and React.

What People liked about this Web Development Course

People liked the “Web Developer Bootcamp” course for its thorough and practical content, which covers a wide range of web development topics. The instructor’s clear and detailed teaching style is highly appreciated, making complex concepts easier to understand.

Students also value the hands-on coding projects, which provide real-world experience and enhance learning. The course is well-structured and really good for learning the basics of web development.

What People didn’t liked about this Web Development Course

Some students were less impressed with certain aspects of the “Web Developer Bootcamp” course.

They found the instructor’s occasional off-topic comments and jokes distracting. Additionally, some learners felt the pace and teaching style became inconsistent, particularly in the more advanced sections of the course. This shift in approach made it challenging for some students to follow along, especially those who preferred the structured and straightforward style of the earlier modules.


Overall, the course is highly recommended for those seeking a thorough and practical introduction to web development, with a few caveats regarding teaching style and advanced content.

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The Complete 2024 Web Development Bootcamp

Angela Yu’s next course is another one that’s seen as the best web development course in 2024.

Her Complete 2024 Web Development Bootcamp on Udemy is really popular. It’s made to turn you from a beginner into a full-stack web developer. With over 1.15 million students and a 4.7 rating from nearly 347,000 reviews, it’s clear that a lot of people find it helpful.

Dr. Angela Yu covers everything from HTML and CSS to Javascript, Node, React, PostgreSQL, and even Web3. You get 62 hours of videos, lots of coding exercises, articles, and stuff you can download. It’s a full learning package. Big companies even use this course to train their employees.

And What Do Users Say About It?

This web development course stands out for its comprehensive content, offering an in-depth exploration of both frontend and backend web development topics.

Students particularly commend the course for its engaging teaching style, led by Dr. Angela Yu, who is renowned for her interactive instruction and the use of visual aids and simple illustrations to make complex concepts accessible and enjoyable.

Plus, the course is known for its practical and fun projects. You get to try real-world coding, which is not just educational but also really enjoyable. This makes learning a lot better. The mix of lots of knowledge, engaging teaching, and hands-on work makes this course a top pick for you if you want to get good at web development.

What Do People Don’t Like?

Some students have faced challenges with The Complete 2024 Web Development Bootcamp, particularly those new to programming. The primary concern is the course’s difficulty level for complete beginners. Students with no prior programming knowledge found it particularly challenging, noting that the course might be more suitable for those who already have some foundational understanding of front-end development.

This aspect makes it tough for individuals aiming to become full-stack developers starting from zero. Additionally, the course’s pace and complexity were overwhelming for some, especially for learners with no background in programming. These students struggled to keep up with the advanced topics, finding the speed of instruction and the depth of content quite demanding. This feedback suggests that the course is more beneficial for learners who already have a basic understanding of programming or web development, rather than absolute beginners.

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Which is the best way to learn web development?

Learning web development effectively is a journey tailored to individual preferences, backgrounds, and goals. Online courses and bootcamps have gained popularity for their comprehensive coverage of web development topics. Bootcamps like The Complete 2024 Web Development Bootcamp provide structured, practical experiences that are invaluable for beginners, making it a contender for the best web development course.

Self-study, using books and online resources, allows learners to progress at their own pace. Websites like MDN Web Docs and W3Schools offer extensive tutorials and documentation, making them ideal starting points for beginners in web development. This method suits those who prefer to tailor their learning experience.

Building projects is a key component of learning web development. Starting with simple tasks and progressively tackling more complex projects solidifies understanding and develops practical skills.

Participating in developer communities enhances the learning process. Engaging in online forums like Stack Overflow, contributing to open-source projects on GitHub, or attending local developer meetups can provide invaluable support and collaboration opportunities.

Staying updated with the latest trends and best practices in web development is crucial for you. By following relevant blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels, you can gain insights into emerging technologies and methodologies. This keeps you in line with what the best web development courses are teaching.

Starting with the basics like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is really important for you. Once you’ve got these foundational skills down, moving on to more complex frameworks and backend technologies will be much easier for you.

Regular practice and revision are key to mastering web development. The field is dynamic, requiring continuous learning and adaptation. By combining various learning methods and committing to regular practice, anyone can gain proficiency in web development, especially when following the best web development courses online.

Best Web Development Course 2024

Now that you’ve seen the best web development courses out there, it’s clear that there’s a perfect match for everyone, whether you’re just starting out or looking to sharpen your skills.

Remember, the journey in web development is unique for each person, and these courses are designed to guide you at every step.

So, choose the one that fits your learning style and goals, and dive into the exciting world of web development.

Your future as a skilled web developer is just a course away!