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Bitcoin Icons

A few months ago, I’ve published my Bitcoin Icons on reddit. They were for free and people loved it. Cryptocurrency was at its all time high back then. Now it seems like Bitcoin is back, at least the price is above 5.000 USD again. In my opinion this was a good break and it clearly shows, that Bitcoin is not dead at all.

However, back to my Bitcoin Icons, these were the Icons I have published on my open source Illustrations page back then:

screenshot free bitcoin icons

Now since Bitcoin is in the media again, I think this is the right time to update my Bitcoin Icons and to publish them again for free. This time I’ve made the contrast a little bit stronger and I’ve added some more Highlights. I’ve also changed some colours, similiar to my GDPR Icons. As an Independent Web Designer, I know how helpful it can be to find some free assets for your website or project.

These are my NEW Bitcoin Icons:

screenshot of new free version of the Bitcoin icons

You can download them for free here, you don’t need to leave a link to my website. Although I am happy if you do :)

The new Icons contain: