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Web Design Trends 2020 - How to stay ahead of your competition

WEBDESIGN | 09th November 2019 | Author: Lukasz Adam

Are you looking for a new website design or maybe even some inspiration to build a completely new website in 2020?

Do you want to keep ahead of your competition by providing the newest trends as early as possible?

In that case, you clearly can’t miss the most important web design trends for 2020 and I am here to present them to you.

There are tons of tools and resources to design a website that fully reflects the identity of your service, but it is still very important to do the right planning. Creating a website requires a planning process that involves several strategic points. You need to define every detail.

The most important thing?

The website needs to convert.

If the text is a quality piece of content, but the design is average or even deficient, you will miss providing a good user experience. That is something we really need to look out for - providing a good user experience in 2020.

Let’s check the design elements that have been the most popular and let’s discuss what role they will play in 2020.

Web Design Trends 2020

If you are doing web design, you are offering a professional service. To meet all the expectations of your client, it is good to not lose sight of all the small details. That includes to welcome new design trends and to be ready to apply them.

This will give you a big advantage over other web designers who are still betting on the same old style.

So let’s just dive in

#1 Illustrations in 2020

One of the most successful design trends this year are illustrations and that is no surprise.

There are tons of free libraries that produce illustrations for free under the MIT license. Including my free SVG illustrations. The thing about illustrations is - they are able to completely personalize your website. It is easy to tell a story with a nice simple illustration, you can use it in conjunction with a lot of white space and they still will be working!

So no matter which free library you’ll use or if you even create illustrations on your own. Don’t forget this web design trend in 2020. It is easy to use and you’ll never have to worry about a dull website again.

BTW, I have created a small tips and tricks 2019 list for Adobe illustrator, which you might want to check out.

a website with an illustration web design trends 2020
Illustrations can convey the message of your business much faster.

#2 Don’t forget mobile design

Back then, it was important to keep an eye out on mobile, today it is mobile-first. Mobile visits are growing and there are still too many pages that are not optimized for smartphones. So even though I know it is not the highest anticipated tip, please make sure you do optimize for mobile. It is more important than ever to do that in 2020.

And it is not only about just having a mobile version of your website.

who you should do mobile design in 2020
There needs to be enough space for clickable elements.

Elements that are clickable shouldn’t be too close together. Calculate enough space between elements that are clickable, don’t hide valuable content behind a popup and adjust the size of your font and all other text elements.

Another error you should look out for, check if your mobile version does not have any elements which overflow.

#3 Minimalism

minimalism design trend 2020 exampl
You need to make the right use of grids when working with minimalism.

Minimalism has gained a lot of ground in the web design community. One of the reasons might be the influence of mobile design.

People want information as fast as possible. Fast loading time is valued much more than a clustered 8 seconds-to-load website.

But keep your elements in the right place. Don’t overdo minimalism, otherwise, your users will think your website isn’t finished yet.

Also, don’t forget the message you want to convey with your business. Minimalism isn’t for everyone. Keep that in mind. Other than that, there are lots of advantages to using this style.

#4 Animations 2020

Interactive web design.

To me, it seems that animations are getting more popular day by day and that is no surprise at all.

If you are able to mix your animations with the right type of text and a nice call to action button, your visitors will love your website.

That is not everything.

With animations, it is much easier to convey a message. Some businesses with complex products can have a difficult time to do so, only with a simple image.

Of course, it depends on the type of website and your focus, but currently, animations are very popular, so It might be a big thing in 2020.

Balance the use of animations with the right text elements and you are good to go. But don’t forget to check the speed of your website afterwards. If the .gif file is too big, it can slow down your whole website.

#5 Big and Bold

big and bold design prediction for 2020
It is easy to read and it looks very clean.

I am sure you have seen it somewhere. This type of design consists of including an image or an illustration large enough to cover the entire viewport.

Text is big. Images are big.

But having a good illustration is not enough, it is vital that the website has typography according to its proportions. I like this style. It is loud and it screams a message right to your face. Might not be suitable for every website, but it definitely will have its place in 2020.

#6 Less emphasis on Downloading apps

So to get to know more about what others think about that topic, I’ve asked Reddit.

The points I have made previously were also mentioned by other users, however number one on the web design trends 2020 wishlist, was to stop forcing users to download unnecessary apps. No surprise to me.

Personally, I don’t really enjoy downloading apps just to order food, to use my favorite e-commerce shop or to rent an e-scooter. It is just easier for me to do that directly from the website.

With another app on my phone, only unnecessary storage is being used which I would rather use for something else.

So instead of offering me an app for every action that I can take on your website, focus on improving the UX on mobile. Like I said before, user experience should be the number one focus in 2020.

And if you really need to use apps, check out Progressive Web Apps. This might be a better and a more effective way to offer apps for your services or for your business.

Did I miss something? Let me know and I am happy to add it to my list. Otherwise, thanks a lot for reading.