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Icons & Illustrations

As you might now, I am offering Free MIT licensed Illustrations & Vectors on my website. I love to help other Designers and Developers in providing free assets. However, if you are in the situation, that you need something custom made for your personal project, I can help you to create pixel perfect Icons and Illustrations designed only for you.


I am able to design many styles such as flat and line Icons and I’ll make sure that you get a consistent  and simple design asset for your project. I illustrate everything with Adobe Illustrator and with every Icon or Illustration package, you’ll get the source file ready for commercial use.





Web Design

When designing a website, I always use lots of Illustrations in conjunction with the User Interface. This makes the Design unique and personal. I use pen and pencil to prototype your ideas and I use Sketch to wireframe and to design. I’ll make sure to test the design and to take my time to develop it. All the fonts, colours and elements that I use, are hand picked for your personal needs and ideas.


Small Business SEO

Now that’s what I love doing the most. When a Website is live and done designing, we need to make sure that it gets seen by the right Human Beings. For online traffic, I have specialised in doing SEO. On-Page Factors are changing, that is why I constantly learn to choose Keywords that fit the right attend of your customers and to use specific terms to find High Volume Traffic.



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Development & WordPress Help

My favourite language is JavaScript. well at least from the technical point of view. I help to prepare for Gutenberg, to fix up your WordPress categories or to built and code a design. With my favourite Code Editor, I built functions, divs and whole webpages. Keep on Hacking.

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About Me

I am a location independent Web Designer. With my small bussines service, I am able to deliver vector based work, custom made for your personal projects. I am also able, to help you to gain traffic trough search engine optimization. SEO traffic is one of the most valueable in the online marketing world.

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