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Small Business SEO Service

You are a small Business owner and you are looking for a new opportunity to market your service? Here is where I can help you. With my small Business SEO Service, I will optimize your website for search engines, important Keywords and your local or national customers. Lets increase your websites visibility and gain more organic traffic now.

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Local and National SEO for Small Businesses

If you are working locally, most often then not, your customers who doesn’t know your business, will find you trough search engines. I am sure almost everyone has been trough this situation. You don’t know where to find a certain service and the first thing that you do, you check your smartphone, and google the service.

Then you will find the local pack results. Here is where it is getting important. You need to take care of your reviews, business information, citations and pictures of your small business. As an Independent Web Designer, I know which website details make the difference.

But what else is important for local results?

Moz found out, that besides link signals like anchor text and personalization, On-Page SEO is still an important Factor when it comes to local results. Like with every Search Engine Optimisation strategy, we need to make sure, that your website contains all the important information like Keywords, Keyword modifiers and valuable content.

This way we make it easier to help Google, Bing and Co to crawl your page. However, there are some On-Page factors that are special for the local pack and this is where I will help you.

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Keyword Research

Going International with SEO

If you want to reach your customers across all borders and nations, we need to make sure to find the right Keywords for you. Keyword Research is one the most important steps in setting up a successful SEO campaign. We need to find out, what people are actually looking for.

To achieve this, we need to work with the right Keyword Tracker and we need to find out the intent of your customers.

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At the end, it is really important to look for ways to optimize User Intent and optimize your content for what the user is looking for. We need to try, to provide the best possible experience based on users intent. That is something that is also going to be measured with Googles Rank Brain Algorithm.

On-Page SEO  for your small Business

With my On-Page SEO service I will also make sure, that your website is up to date in terms of all google updates. 

I will check all your sitemaps, your robots.txt files, Canonicals and your Search Console Data. This way we can improve pages and decrease the bounce rate.

I’ll also make sure, to de-index thin pages and I will check every page. At the end every piece of content, should be useful for your customers. 

Mobile Pages

Another big factor in 2018 are mobile pages. Some of you may heard of the mobile first index. The important thing is, to make sure your mobile website is up to date and that is provides the same user experience, as your desktop version. To do this, we need to work with Responsive web design.

Off Page SEO

Today, Off-Page SEO is not just about Backlinks. It is more Important to become an authority in your niche. In other words, you need Expertise, Authority and Trust. The goal is to be the number one address for your customers. Especially after the latest “Your Money, Your Life” update, which makes it harder for people without authority, to talk about certain niches like health and finance. But still, good valuable Backlinks are still a big Ranking Factor like

Affordable SEO packages

To make my SEO Service affordable, I offer several SEO packages. There is my basic package and my premium package. Here you can find these two packages in comparison.

Basic Package

  • Overall Technical Look on Your Page
  • Internal Link Structure
  • Content Marketing Suggestions
  • Keyword Suggestions
  • Basic On-Page SEO
  • Basic Technical SEO

Premium Package

  • In Depth On-Page SEO.
  • Analysis of your current Rankings.
  • Off-Page SEO
  • Keyword Research incl. Keyword Modifiers
  • Backlink Analysis
  • CTR Optimization
  • Funnel Creation
  • Social Media Channel Optimization

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I am a location independent Web Designer. With my small bussines service, I am able to deliver vector based work, custom made for your personal projects.

I am also able, to help you to gain traffic trough search engine optimization. SEO traffic is one of the most valueable in the online marketing world.

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