Hi! I'm Lukasz Adam.
I help humans to stand out from the web.

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Frequent Asked Questions

I'm sure you have questions - everyone does. Here are the most frequently asked ones. If I've missed anything, my apologies. Please feel free to send me an email with your question.

Yes, I offer one-stop solutions. From illustrations, user interface design, to coding, you'll get everything from me.

Yes, I do. However, I prefer working with AstroJS more. It's a static site generator, which means you benefit from no monthly hosting fees and an extremely fast website.

AstroJS delivers only what's necessary, making it extremely fast. It's great for SEO, and easy to develop and maintain.

Yes, I do. I create SVG illustrations and icons that are perfectly customized for your project.

The cost varies depending on the project. A basic website starts at $700, while more complex projects start at $1500. Illustrations start at $50, and icons from $20. Share your project details with me for a precise quote.

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