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Hey everyone! My name is Lukasz Adam and I am a Freelance Web Designer. I can help you with custom made Design, SEO services or Development.


I work with people from all over the world and web design is something I consider my passion. Whether it's an interface design (UI Design), search engine optimization, web development or a personal illustration - I just love these things.

Wherever you are located, no matter if you need a re-design of your existing website, if you need someone to code your page or if you want to make your website more personal with custom made illustrations, as a Freelancer I am here to help.

At the end, to make sure your website isn't just a good looking piece of design and code, I'll take care of optimizing it for every search engine out there. SEO is a pretty good way to increase your traffic.

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My Freelance Services


Web Design

I create custom made User Interfaces for your brand new website or I can do a redesign of your existing website. User experience is the number one priority, your visitors will love your new website.

I use a grid-based design for every website and I'll make sure all the objects will flow smoothly with the typography and all the other elements on your page. For website design, I use Sketch as my design kit.

And yes, every design template I create, comes with a mobile version and a tablet version.


SEO Marketing

I still don't know what I love to do more, SEO or web design. I guess that's why I decided to do both. Search Engine optimization is one way to get traffic to your page, without paying for ads. The goal is to place your website at the top of the organic results. But that's not it, when you optimize a page for a search engine, you also optimize it, to be more user friendly.

There is On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. With On-Page SEO, I'll make sure to take care of all the technical SEO things like title tags, meta tags and internal linking. With Off-Page SEO I'll make sure to outreach to some other Influencers and to make other people talk about your website (in a good way).

No matter if you're an agency or if you use a service area business, I'll make sure that others will find your local or non-local service.



Handcrafted custom made illustrations, provide every website and every user interface with personality. You can either download my free Illustrations from my library or you can hire me for some custom work.

An illustration can be a key element to every design, that's why I love to create them. One of the reasons I love illustrations that much, is because they not only help you with context, but they can give an entirety different emotion to a design. Some user interfaces will have a complete different feeling, when I wouldn't include some illustrations to it.

Just imagine this section without the little help from the Illustration. Different, right?


Web Development

My service also includes web development. Which means after designing your page, I'll code it and then I'll set up all the technical things to make it available to the world wide web.

I code every page with HTML and CSS as a Markup Language and I use PHP and Javascript (JS6) as my Coding Language.

I use Atom as my Coding Editor and I either use WordPress or Jekyll as my Content Management System.

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