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Illustrator, Designer & Developer

Welcome, everyone! My name is Lukasz Adam and I create illustrations, online courses & modern websites. 🌎 Make sure to check out my free illustration library.

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What Do I Offer?

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Free Illustrations

Most people get to know me because of my free illustration library. I've created a lot of free illustrations under the MIT license.
You can use them for commercial projects, for personal projects and you don't have to credit me.

Free Illustrations 👉
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Create Your Own Illustrations

Do you want to learn how to EASILY create character illustrations without any drawing skills? Then join my "Learn Illustrator CC" online course right now. You'll learn Adobe Illustrators basics and how to create different characters in just a few simple steps.

Check out my online course 👉
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Free HTML Theme

I design and I code custom made web design themes. Including my illustrations, icons, web development from scratch and a dynamic user interface.
My first theme is called spa3e and the best thing? It's free. Simply click and download it. You're welcome to use it for your commercial projects.

Check out free spa3e theme 👉
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Check out My Blog!

I write about all stuff related to web design, web development or illustrations. Check out hosting recommendations acc. Reddit (incl. WordPress), my favorite Javascript course in 2021 or check out Reddit's best Udemy courses.

My articles 👉
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