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Illustrator, Designer & Developer

Welcome, everyone! My name is Lukasz Adam and I am an illustrator, developer and designer. 🕹 I create websites, illustrations and user interfaces for customers all over our beautiful planet. 🌎

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What do I offer?

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Free illustrations

Most people get to know me because of my free illustration library. I've created a lot of free illustrations under the MIT license.
You can use them for commercial projects, for personal projects and you don't have to credit me.

Free Illustrations
free illustrations
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Premium design assets

Besides my free illustrations, I have also created a small premium library.
For only 15 $ you'll get access to my premium illustrations and the best thing: You'll get all future updates for free. No monthly cost, no hidden fees.

Premium Assets
premium illustrations
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Web design

I design and I code custom made websites. Including my illustrations, icons, web development from scratch and a dynamic user interface.
You can scroll down if you want to check out my latest work. If you want to check out more of my designs, you'll find more at

Let's work together!
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Check out my blog!

I write about all stuff related to web design, web development or illustrations. Check out my web design resources, my favorite Javascript course in 2020 or get some tips for Adobe Illustrator.

My articles
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A personalized website with custom made Icons & Illustrations.

Illustrations help to show your visitors what your website is about. With well made illustrations or vectors, you don't even need to read the text to understand the purpose of the website. That is why I love to include them in my web design process.

As an Independent Web Designer, I create with HTML, CSS and JS. I use HTML to write simple and clean Markup, which is easy understandable by search engines. I use CSS to style the page with nice and subtle animations and colors and I use JavaScript to make every website more alive.

Search Engine Optimization included

No matter how beautiful your website is, you also need traffic, right? Search Engine Optimization is a very nice way to get this kind of traffic.

By improving your website, you can gain more traffic from organic searches - without paying a monthly fee. I will find the right keywords for you and I will make sure to place the right content on your website.

What my customers say:

"Extremely pleased with his expedited work and great attention to detail. I will definitely recommend Lukasz for everyone who needs a illustrated website"

- based on personal reviews.

Service Examples

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