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About Me

Hi 👋 I’m Lukasz!

Most people get to know me because of my free illustrations. I’ve created a free illustration library  where I offer free illustrations and icons for everyone. Usually with free stuff you have to give proper attribution, but not here. I’ve published them under the CC0 license.

Why do I Create Free Stuff?

As a web designer, I know it can be tough to find free resources online and that is why I wanted to create them for free in the first place.

I am also very thankful and fortunate, to be mentioned by many members of the web design community like,, Reddit and the famous Benelux Blog

People all over the world are using my illustrations for their services, articles or designs and I’m really happy about that. So, in case you want to spice up your website or your article, make sure to check out my free illustrations. You don’t even have to credit me.

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I Write!

Besides creating illustrations, I write a lot. About almost everything related to design, development or about the products that I use. To find honest reviews, I sometimes use Reddit so I can learn what products or services are currently popular and recommended. After doing my thorough research I publish an article about my discoveries. Every article is backed up by posts and helpful links.

So, make sure to check out my blog!

Latest Articles


I’m completely self-learned. A few years ago I’ve started learning web development and design. That is why I also write a lot about online courses. Since I’ve taken a lot of them, I’m able to write good recommendations. After creating a lot of websites for clients all around the world, I ended up building my own website with content that I love.

I still do custom work. So If you interested in a custom illustration, an icon set or some development work. Please send me a message.

Besides all this stuff that people might call work (which I don’t) I love to travel, I love to enjoy good food and most importantly, I love to learn new things. That is what inspires me.

If you have anything I can help you with or if you just want to chat about some creative things, don’t hesitate to send me a message. Also if you want to become part of a nice and free community, join my Instagram page. I post updates regulary and in case you’re looking for a new illustraiton, you’ll always be up-to-date.

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