About Me

Hey there 👋! I'm Lukasz!

Most folks know me for my free illustrations. I've created a free illustration library filled with illustrations and icons for anyone to use. The best part? No need for attribution here. Everything's shared under the CC0 license, making it truly free.

Why I Create Free Stuff

As a web designer, finding quality free resources was always tough. That's why I decided to make and share my own. It's been rewarding, getting recognition from big names in the web design world and seeing my work used all over. If your website or article needs a bit of creativity, feel free to use my free illustrations – no credit needed.


Creating for the World

I wear many hats – not only do I create illustrations, but I also build websites, code, and design custom pieces for clients around the world. My journey in web development and design is entirely self-taught, driving my passion to share knowledge and recommendations, especially about online courses that have helped me grow.

My website showcases this journey, featuring content I love and projects I've dedicated myself to. Whether you need a unique illustration, a custom icon set, or some development work, I'm here to help. Let's create something amazing together.

But it's not all work. My love for travel, great food, and learning new things keeps me inspired. Learning new things every day excites me. I truly believe that learning is the key to happiness. Have an idea for a project or just want to talk about creative stuff? I'm ready to listen.

Let's Connect

If you're intrigued or simply want to say hi, don't hesitate to get in touch. I'm always open to new connections and creative ventures.