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About Me

Welcome 😄 My name is Lukaz Adam and I am an independent web designer, illustrator and web developer.

The Free Illustration Guy

Most people get to know me because of my free illustrations. This is where I offer free illustrations for commercial and personal purposes - for everyone!

I hear you asking:

Why Do I do that?

As a web designer, I know it can be tough to find free resources online and that is why, I wanted to create them for free in the first place.

I am also very thankful and fortunate, to be mentioned by many members of the web design community like,, reddit and the famous Benelux Blog

Other than that, I offer a complete web design service package containing design, development and search engine optimization.


I love to write. Check out my current blog posts down below.

And that’s not it, I’ve started another project which is called Reviewlinko is a project where write honest reviews about services and products that I use in my daily life. It’s a pretty new project, but I’ll definitely add more content in the future.

Web Design services

Every design is handcrafted and coded by me. One thing that I can’t get enough of is SEO. Search Engine Optimization is a field that changes very frequently, but it is a lot of fun to optimize a website. Sometimes I work with clients who offer a great service, but since the website is not up to Google’s modern standards, they are suffering from a bad ranking.

To help those small businesses, I do SEO. I’ve already met a lot of inspiring people, most of them are small businesses which are doing their best, to offer fresh, new and creative content. All they need is a good ranking.

Ranking factors are changing and so does SEO, but it is still more important than ever. If you don’t believe me ask yourself, have you used a search engine in the past month?

I bet you have. 😉

Besides all this stuff that people might call work (which I don’t) I love to travel, I love to enjoy good food and most importantly, I love to learn new things. That is what inspires me.

If you have anything I can help you with or if you just want to chat about some creative things, don’t hesitate to send me a message. Also if you want to become part of a nice and free community, join my Facebook group. It is free and you will find a lot of help with SEO, web design or web development.

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