Imagine you want to create a website and you’re looking for the right web hoster in 2021.

Suddenly you realize, there are hundreds of options available.

Which one should you choose?

For this kind of situation, I love to check out Reddit. Reddit tends to quickly reveal which service is fair and which is not.

So to save you some time, I’ve collected all the information you need right here. Let’s check out the best web hoster in 2021 according to Reddit.

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So many Services

Depending on your needs, you’ll need a different web hoster. There are web hosters for beginners, for WordPress users, for E-Commerce, and so on.

But before we take a look at that, let’s first check out the best OVERALL web hosting service according to Reddit.

We’re also going to explore why Reddit absolutely doesn’t like EIG Hosting and which companies fall under the EIG umbrella.

Best Web Hoster Reddit 2021

So, after checking tons and tons of the most recent Reddit posts for 2021, and also after looking at pasts posts, Reddit’s favorite web hosting service for 2021 is without a doubt: siteground.

No worries, you’ll believe me in a sec. Here and here are the two most upvoted and most recent best web hosting posts on Reddit. And check out the #1 spot for both posts.

best hosting 2021 according to reddit is siteground

best hosting 2021 according to reddit is siteground

And it’s not only here. After that, I’ve manually checked siteground reviews on Reddit. Here’s what users say:

best hosting 2021 according to reddit is siteground

best hosting 2021 according to reddit is siteground

So I think it’s safe to say Siteground is the go-to address.

What service does Siteground offer?

current siteground services

Siteground offers pretty much everything. No matter if you’re looking for a WordPress site, WooCommerce, or Cloud hosting. If you chose the starter package, you’ll get a share hosting plan.

Share hosting has the downfall that you can have “bad neighbors” who either do some weird stuff or who take all the bandwidth and the ram. But for starters, you shouldn’t have any problems at all.

You can always upgrade and after creating a few shared hosting websites myself, I’ve never experienced any kind of problems. So don’t stress out too much on this.

Best Budget Web Hosting 2021

Now that we’ve found the best hosting service, let’s check the cheapest one.

Here is one highly upvoted Reddit answer that resonates with me a lot.

best budget hosting reddit is stablehost

best budget hosting reddit is stablehost

And the same thing on other Reddit posts.

I’ve used Stablehost a lot and from what I can tell, the support is awesome the page speed was on top as well. Never had any issues.

They have a current offer which is $ 1.75 for shared web hosting. You won’t find anything cheaper than that.

current plans on

Web Hosting for beginners?

Since beginners tend to first grasp the world of web hosting, they don’t want to pay too much. That’s the reason I recommend stablehost for beginners as well. Chose a monthly hosting plan and you can always switch to something else.

Best Web Hosting for WordPress & SEO acc. to Reddit

So while browsing through all hosting posts I’ve realized a lot of people are looking for WordPress hosting in particular.

But actually where is the difference between a standard hosting service and a WordPress hosting service?

The difference is that a lot of hosting companies offer specific support for WordPress installations or plugins, like caching or security for example. Siteground offers a one-click WordPress installation so you don’t need to do that on your own.

The good news?

Both hosting companies I’ve written about (Stablehost and Siteground) are pretty much WordPress-ready. So you don’t need to look any further.

There is a difference if you’re especially looking out for speed though. If you’re like me and you’re doing SEO, page speed is a big game-changing factor.

One hosting company which is pretty well known for speed and SEO is WPEngine. A lot of times I’ve read that people absolutely love WPEngine. Especially in terms of SEO and service.

Look for yourself:

wpengine reddit review

wpengine reddit review

People say it’s pricey because comparing it to Stablehost or Siteground it start’s at $25 per month. That isn’t cheap but if you’re willing to spend more on your hosting, your rankings can benefit a lot.

wp engine plans for hosting wordpress seo

So these are my top 3 hosting companies. Have I missed something? Send me a message.

Reddits opinion on EIG Hosting

EIG stands for Endurance International Group. It’s a service provider that offers a lot of hosting services. Reddits opinion about EIG isn’t really good.

Basically this post summes it all up.

The main thing is that the service is really bad and that they all operate under the EIG umbreally. So even though costumers might think they’re switching to a different hosting company, they aren’t.

To be fair, I’ve never used an EIG service provider myself, so I can’t really say anything at all.

That being sad, if you’re looking for reddits hosting recommendations for 2021, you should should be aware of that topic. If you want to find out if your hosting company operates under the EIG brand, you can visit their wikipedia page.

That’s it. If you think I’ve missed something let me know and send me a message.

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