Let’s be honest, you’re probably feeling overwhelmed by endless TV brands, models and features.

I had the same problem. The simple solution was to check Reddit for a TV recommendation. This way I was able to find some hidden gems.

So, if you’re looking for the best TV according to Reddit, you’re in the right place. Well-researched and updated for 2023.

The Winners Upfront (Updated: June 2023)

Disclaimer: The Amazon links you’ll find here are affiliate links.

Here’s what Reddit says

According to the most recent Reddit posts, the best TV in 2023 is the LG C3 OLED. If you don’t like the LG C2, your next best option is a SONY OLED model. If you’re looking for non-OLED versions or a budget TV, go for TCL.

best tv according to reddit 2023 post
best tv according to reddit 2023 post

LG’s C series TV model has consistently received high praise and is widely regarded as one of the best-reviewed options if you need a new TV. It’s being recommended throughout many different subreddits.

best tv according to reddit 2023 post
best tv according to reddit 2023 post

Since you’re probably looking for the newest LG model, I’ve updated the LG TV at the top of the page to the newest C3 model. It’s the successor of the famous C1 model.

TCL and Sony

But that’s not it, SONY and TCL are also really popular brands on Reddit.

best tv according to reddit 2023 post
best tv according to reddit 2023 post

Redditors love SONY because of their great quality control. However, in most cases SONY TVs are usually more expensive than LG. The reason for that might be that LG is the producer of SONYs OLED screen, as was pointed out by this Reddit user.

lg vs sony OLED Reddit

And if you’re someone who doesn’t want to spend much for their TV, TCL is Reddit’s favorite brand.

This TV recommendation list will change very frequently of course, but as of early 2023, this list is up-to-date.

And now let’s get into detail, in case you would like to know what specifically to look out for when buying a new TV.

Table of Content

TVs in 2023

You can buy TVs in completely different price ranges. From $300 to $3000, there is absolutely no limit. That’s why it’s so important to know what to look out for.

It always depends on your budget, but I think this Reddit post is really helpful:

tv recommendations reddit

So, in 2023 4K is more important than anything else. That’s why in this recommendation list you’ll only find 4K TVs. But let’s discuss other TV specs like Smart TV options, HDR, or OLED vs LCD.

Let’s start by answering the question: OLED or LCD?


First of all, what’s the main differences between OLED and LCD technology.

Let’s try to answer that question in a nutshell.

With LCD there is a backlight shining through all of your TVs pixels. These pixels will adjust their color depending on their filter. With OLED on the other hand, you’ve got actual lights that can be turned on and off.

This Redditor has summed it up pretty good.

tv specs to look out for according to reddit

So, besides these technical differences, what’s really important in terms of LCD or OLED is that OLED black is pure black, whereas LCD black looks kind of grey in comparison. That’s especially important, if you’re watching a lot of TV in a dark environment.

That’s not the only major difference though.

I’m sure you have seen something like this before:

tv specs to look out for according to reddit

That’s a picture from a Reddit user and the problem is called clouding. Most LCDs suffer from this and as the most upvoted answer tells us, you should get OLED if this is a problem for you.

If you go for an LCD display, make sure to check your new TV in a dark room when you get it. A lot of times people watch TV only in bright daylight, just to realize that their TV has a massive clouding problem when they turn it on at night.

Overall, OLED TVs are much better than LCD in terms of quality. That’s why they are more expensive. Although the OLED technology also has its own flaws which this Redditor shows us:

OLED burn in picture on reddit

This is called burn-in. It occurs when there is a constant static image on your screen. For instance a logo or some sort of status bar. In case you want to prevent that, I think these two Reddit answers are really helpful.

OLED burn tips on reddit

OLED burn tips on reddit

First of all, it can go away on its own, and second, there are some settings you can adjust to prevent burn-in from happening. Just make sure you’re aware of that when making your decision.

But your decision also depends on what time of the day you watch TV. If you watch more TV during the day than at night, OLED might be not that important to you, although the picture quality is still better.

Overall that’s the general consensus on Reddit:

OLED recommendation reddit

I would say depending on your budget, OLED is the way to go.

60Hz vs 120Hz

Hz stands for refresh rate. I’ve already written a lot about that in my best gaming monitor article. 120Hz has a great impact if you’re a gamer. For general television, I would say it’s not that big of a deal.

Here’s a great comment I’ve found on 120Hz TVs.

hz post recommendation tv reddit

So as you can see, the comparison between 120Hz and 60Hz is not easy. Newer models offer way more additional features. However, you may be someone who’ll use their TV for gaming. Maybe even with a PS5 or the new Xbox One. In that case, it’s worth it to go for a 120Hz model.

But if you’re instead someone who simply loves watching the newest TV shows or some thrilling movies, 60Hz shouldn’t be a problem. But like the Reddit user pointed out already, most of the time you’ll find better deals with 120Hz anyway.

55 Inch or 65 Inch

This question is not easy to answer. It’s completely subjective although here are some points to consider.

best tv according to reddit 2023 post
best tv according to reddit 2023 post

Of course, the distance from where you’re watching TV matters and so does your room and your overall environment. Also, a lot of Redditors report that when they got a bigger TV like 65 inches, they got used to it very quickly.

If your room isn’t too big and you’re not watching TV about 10 feet away from your couch, Reddit’s tip is to get 55 inches. If it’s more than 10 feet away get 65 inches.

Best Smart TV Reddit

If Smart TV features are something you’re concerned about, you probably can stop worrying about it.

smart tv according to reddit

Just as this Reddit post has shown, these built-in features are very slow and buggy.

Usually, if you get a cheap Fire TV Stick, you’ll have a way better Smart TV performance. Even using a gaming console is the better option here. Most TVs will come with Smart Tv options anyway, but it shouldn’t affect your buying decision.

HDR and HDMI Inputs

Now HDR on the other hand should be important for your buying decision.

One Redditor was asking if HDR is worth it these days. As you can see the answers were obvious.

is hdr worth it according to reddit

is hdr worth it according to reddit

HDR means a better representation of colors and a wider range of contrast. The traditional standard is called SDR (Standard Dynamic Range). This outdated technology leads to limited colors and dull-looking images. HDR means deeper blacks and brighter highlights. You definitely want to go for a HDR TV in 2023.

As for HDMI inputs, make sure to get enough depending on your needs (Consoles, TV Sticks, TV receivers). Most TVs are equipped with four HDMI inputs. This should be enough for all your needs.

Disclaimer: The Amazon links you’ll find here are affiliate links.

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