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GDPR Icons

In May 2018 I’ve created some free GDPR Icons I knew it was something that my visitors would find useful. The General Data Protection Regulation is an EU Law which was implemented on May 25th 2018. GDPR is a regulation about data control, data protection and data collection.

Lots of work for lots of webmasters. So I thought it would be a good idea to create some Free GDPR Icons. As it turns out, people loved it. I was featured on a famous Benelux Blog and my post on reddit got pretty upvoted. I’ve published these Icons on my Free Illustration page.

These were the Free GDPR Icons I’ve made back then.

screenshot free gdpr icons

Time passed and I thought about updating these Icons and also adding more Icons to my Free GDPR Icon Set. So I’ve changed the colours, I’ve changed the outline and I’ve added some more details to it. I thought about implementing some more Highlights and shadows as well.

Also I’ve added two more Browser Icons and something like a GDPR Checklist. This is how it turn out:

screenshot of new free version of the gdpr icons

I hope your guys like these as well. The License is MIT which means you don’t have to give me credit, although I would be happy if you do :)

You can download the Icons for free right here.

The new Icons contain: